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Bolzano is a brand of luxury handbags and leather accessories. Taking the international market by storm, it is currently being sold in Europe, Asia, Central and South America. International success resulted in a demand for a local sales venue. Subsequently, it was market demand that gave rise to the extended Bolzano line. Now U.S. customers benefit from the same level of quality guarantee that has given the brand its excellent reputation internationally.
Bolzano Handbags and accessories are depicted by sophisticated styles, an array of fashionable colors, luxurious feel, compartments and exquisite craftsmanship. Each of our products is crafted with today's woman in mind, Bolzano handbags allow the contemporary woman to express her unique look while meeting the demands of her lifestyle. Bolzano embraces distinctive shapes, unconventional patterns, and flirts with hip details reminding women that they can have it all. Luxury, style, elegance and quality come together in our "must have" accessories.
Bolzano offers the ideal product for today's woman. The Bolzano woman is self confident; her look is sophisticated and fashionable. She is captivated by exceptional styles and chic designs. She indulges in handbags that accentuate her good taste and fashion sense. Our customer appreciates detail and extraordinary quality that come with handmade products. The sensible pockets inside every bag that store the small details and the cell phone holder that fits just right are two examples of the fine points that say our bag was made with her in mind.

Practical key aspects that set our line apart from those currently available include an international appeal that transcends any specific ethnicity or culture while focusing on quality and value. This is evident with the line's international success, in markets such as Tokyo, Paris, London, Sydney, Milan, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few. The brand pampers its customers with handmade construction and elegant packaging. Each purchase includes a beautiful branded box, Bolzano branded tissue paper, dust cover, welcome card and ribbon. No detail is too small when it comes to pleasing our customer. Each bag is handmade and crafted only of the finest materials (leather, nylon, and vegan leather). Customers will know they have purchased excellence the minute they see the luxurious bag and packaging.

About the Designer

Designer Leylani Cardoso tells Bolzano's Story - What's Bolzano & who is the designer? Born in South Florida, I started my career as an entrepreneur owning a business in duty free retail with my mother.  I traveled extensively to grow the business and worked with many high-end international brands. In doing so, I found there was a need for bags that suited busy on the go business women.  My entrepreneurial skills would soon kick in and drive me to begin designing my own line of practical handbags bags; later I realized this drive was just half the inspiration that would eventually bring Bolzano to life in 2001. The first collection was delivered about a month after my first child Sophia which at the time made things a bit crazy. Today, I see their simultaneous birth as a testament that the two would be forever linked. Sophia, is now a 15 year old fashionista. No one knows for sure if the bags I was driven to sketch  during my pregnancy influenced my  design passionate daughter in the womb or maybe it was in fact Sophia who was already influencing me to design.  The birth of Sophia would change me and my family forever, no one expected for her to be born with Down's Syndrome, after all I was still in my twenties.  The first few months were extremely difficult; there were serious health concerns to address and an overall sense of uncertainty for what the future might hold. Eventually after many months of worry, I finally decided to take some valuable advice a doctor provided when she saw that I was inconsolable upon receiving the definitive blood work results. She said remove the label and just raise her like a normal child who may need some help in certain areas.  My new found courage would ultimately help take multitasking to a whole new level; attending therapies, running a business by day and designing new bags at night.  The bags had to now handle a busy professional mom who needed business cards in one pocket and baby supplies in the other. My family was extremely supportive; my husband and I alternated attending therapies.  The family would soon grow to include our son, Oliver and with multiple children the right size bag became even more important.  I would escort both children to class each morning with school bags draped over one arm and my latest Bolzano prototype in the other trying to determine whether the straps would sit firmly, as I juggled kids and their own items.The Bolzano brand has evolved over time as a result of my experience. First as a traveling business woman, and later as a mother, who like most tries to juggle life's situations. These situations have made me demand more of the items I design and consider the needs of women facing similar circumstances.  Sophia, who is now a fashion savvy teen, actively participates and gives input. She brings a new and youthful energy. Her fashion sense became apparent at an early age, she began sketching alongside me before she was ten. Ever since then, whenever you ask Sophia what she would like to do when she grows up her answer has been unsurprising; a Bolzano fashion designer.  Through our subscription box, we look to deliver value combined with an element of surprise. My aim for Bolzano is to become a lifestyle brand, focusing on products that provide convenience and quality.

Where to Buy Bolzano
An exclusive range of boutiques and department stores have been selected to sell the Bolzano line.
Quality Guarantee
The Bolzano customer receives only the finest product and guarantee with every purchase. Customers have come to trust this guarantee and know that Bolzano will take back any product that does not exceed the quality expectations of our customer.
All Bolzano products are handmade and hand selected to ensure that only the finest quality is delivered in its line. Only the finest materials are carefully chosen to construct each product. The company prides itself in having the highest standards in the industry. Production is carefully monitored to ensure that each detail in our product is assembled with the greatest care and utmost regard for excellence.
Questions regarding care of products or products themselves can be directed to Specific fabric care details or frequently asked questions can be viewed in the help section of our site.
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